As the saying goes “faith will move mountains“ and, as far as Nadia Dimai is concerned, this statement can be taken quite literally. As a matter of fact, Nadia is a professional mountain guide, a passionate adventurer and has been a 'Guida Alpina' since 1994 where her daily activities include taking nature lovers on a one-of-a-kind mountain marathon.
Why escape to a mountain you ask? Nature in its purest form is the perfect excuse to run for the hills – especially when your lifelong passion is being a Mountain Guide in Cortina D’Ampezzo, in the heart of the Dolomites.
“Mountains are my life,“ states the Italian mountain lover. “I’ve always lived here. I like it in the summer, I like it in the winter. It’s something that comes from inside. As a little girl I always liked to climb mountains, and, living in this place, I consider it among the most beautiful places in the world!“
An explorer at heart, Nadia Dimai is one of the few qualified female Mountain Guides who can take you on the ultimate mountain escape through the Dolomites. As it happens, Nadia has been ascending the most inaccessible routes for the past two decades and knows the dangers and the thrills of Cortina D'Ampezzo's majestic and breath-taking landscape like the back of her hand.
Her mission? To bring Cortina D’Ampezzo's raw beauty to the world, by teaching excursionists how to climb and tame its snow-covered peaks. In order to succeed, she's constantly seeking out the ultimate physical challenges that nature has to offer, while enjoying an unspoilt scenery where the horizon stretches out indefinitely. Talk about a not-so-regular nine-to-five job. Jealous much?
Somewhat unsurprisingly, Nadia is quite modest when she talks about her career path, which involves diving into the Great Unknown each and every day of the year. “Being a 'Guida Alpina' means guiding people to and through the mountains: people who are lacking the experience or simply the courage to do it on their own“ Nadia explains. ”I like to guide enthusiastic people, those who want to climb a certain mountain because they have fond memories of it, or because they want to put themselves to the test. People who really love nature. Easy-going people who want to do it because they feel it in their heart.”
Imagine a place where nature is in it's purest form and not a soul in sight – aside from your own. Such is the life of the mountain loving explorer. ”What the mountains offer me, I take,” concludes Nadia. And yes indeed, it's all out there waiting for you.
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