Creativity can be found everywhere, even in the most unpredictable places. It’s always moving, finding inspiration in nature, art, dance and people. Spring is one of the most creative seasons, with its pervasive sensation of rebirth and lightness. People leave their winter clothes behind and embrace the new, bright colours and impalpable textures to find all the inspiration and art they can.
Adea is a filmmaker and writer with connections to dance and choreography. Her inspiration comes from movement and this is how she tells and frames her stories from the beginning to the end.
Inspiration and creativity come from the balance between stillness and movement, finding inspiration in stillness that bursts into a creative process through unstoppable movement.
Visual artist and sculptor Misha likes to transform his daily life into creative potential: he remixes, reinterprets and reimagines objects and scenes in his mind. His creative journey is of discovery and constant progress.
He wants to be totally immersed in creativity and that is why everything around him, every object or artwork, isn’t isolated, but it’s completely part of his life. Every decision he makes, everything he does informs his creative process.
Despite her young age, Brooke has demonstrated incredible will, passion and nuance as an actress.
Her talent has shone in the Netflix series “The Russian Doll”. Her transformational ability drives her creative journey,
making her capable of shapeshifting into any role and seeing life through their eyes.
Johnny grew up with an artist father and a dancer mother, filling his childhood with creativity. His drawings are characterized by the sense of possibility and spontaneity, and his music pops with unbridled energy.
It’s the twists and turns that inspire him to create. For him, his journey is beautiful, even the hard parts, because you are able to enjoy the life lessons these parts teach.
For artist, writer, and photographer Lucy, her creative journey is one of adaptation and flexibility. Her art is immediate and visceral, her creativity is spontaneous. She doesn’t like to premeditate much on what she will be creating. She just acts, does, starts. The vision of the final and complete piece comes through the process of creation and action, embracing every change that comes on the way.
Creativity goes well in hand with the kitchen and chef Lux loves to create dishes that entice every sense, from taste to smell, from the local produces to the visual feast of perfectly plated creations. Lux’s journey is one of growth and experimentation: when people have a dish in front of them, they focus on different things like the plating, the flavour, the texture. For Lux, it’s the balance of all these elements that make perfection.
Luis’ art stems from the understanding of the past and present, mind and body. His creative journey is marked with experimentation and experiences that define his future.
Inspiration comes from the past and present, it comes and goes but it’s always there, waiting to be filled. Luis creativity is channelled through this spirit.