1. Organizer
The promoter of the initiative is APE & PARTNERS SPA and PARAJUMPERS NORTH AMERICA (hereinafter "PJS").

2. Duration and timeline
Eligible photographs to be published between Wednesday, the 8th of April and Sunday, the 12th of April.  Donations will be made by PJS no later than April, the 17th 2020. 

3. Characteristics of the initiative
For every Instagram post - up to a maximum of 100,000 posts in total and with the additional limits defined below, PJS will donate €0.50 to Regione del Veneto (with a donation for Sostegno Emergenza Coronavirus) and €0.50 to NYC Health and Hospitals.  Eligible Instagram posts, published between the dates Wednesday, the 8th of April to Sunday, the 12th of April, must meet the following specific requirements:  
1.    Must reflect the theme of the initiative #thatothersmaylive, and which have been manually uploaded by the Instagram user - without the use of bots and software external to Instagram;
2.    All posted photos must be owned by the person publishing it;
3.    Contain the hashtag #THATOTHERSMAYLIVE in the caption;
4.    Contain the @parajumpers_official profile in the caption;
5.    Is posted in the main feed from a public profile that must follow the @parajumpers_official page;
6.    Must not include any content that may be construed as defamatory, offensive, illegal, contrary to the purpose of the initiative or otherwise ineligible.

Only one donation will be made per Instagram profile. Consequently, if the Instagram profile  publishes more than one image, or multiple posts, only one single donation shall be made.

4. Aims of the initiative
The initiative is carried out for social and charitable purposes.

5. Eligibility  
Instagram users over the age of 18 are invited to participate, provided that the applicable local regulations allow them to participate in this type of initiative. Instagram users who created a profile after 30 March 2020 are excluded from the initiative.

6. Donation
€0.50 to Regione del Veneto and €0.50 to NYC Health and Hospitals for each post uploaded to Instagram.    
7. Total value of donations
Donations may be awarded to Regione del Veneto and NYC Health and Hospitals donations for a minimum total amount of €20,000 and a maximum total amount of €100,000, to be divided equally into two equal parts.

8. Exclusion from the discipline referred to in d.p.r. 430/01
In accordance with Article 6 of Presidential Decree 430/01 "Regulations concerning the organic revision of the discipline of competitions and prize operations, as well as local events of chance pursuant to Article 19, paragraph 4, of Law 449 of 27 December 1997", this initiative is not considered a competition and/or prize operation since the prizes - in the form of donations - are intended for public bodies or institutions or for eminently social or charitable purposes.

9. Responsibility
The promoter and/or Instagram cannot be held responsible in any way for the development of the initiative and/or the awarding of prizes.
In any case, the participant undertakes to hold the promoter and/or Instagram harmless and indemnified from any and all prejudicial consequences, costs, damages - including sanctions by the competent authorities - that may arise or may arise against the promoter and/or Instagram as a result of its actions or violation of the regulations. If, for whatever reason, the initiative could not be carried out in accordance with the provisions, the promoter reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to cancel, modify or cancel the initiative, without any liability for the promoter, without prior notice.
In order to participate in the initiative, it is not necessary to make any purchase and/or sale of products marketed by the Promoter. Participation in the initiative is free of charge.

10. Applicable rules
The initiative and these regulations are governed by Italian law.

11. Jurisdiction
For any controversy that may arise in relation to these regulations, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction. 

12. Final statements and relationship with Instagram
- The initiative complies with the applicable regulations governing the promotion and the prizes offered;
-These rules have been drawn up in several languages; in case of conflict, the Italian language version shall prevail;
- each of the users participating in the promotion releases Instagram from any liability;
- the promotion is in no way sponsored, supported or administered by Instagram or associated with Instagram.