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Have you bought a Parajumpers and want to verify the authenticity?


If the item is part of the SS17 collection or a previous season you can verify its autenticy on


If the product has an internal Certilogo label, visit

and insert the CLG code.


PARAJUMPERS is a relatively young brand, however it is already a target for counterfeiters. For this reason, we are at the front line of the battle to defend the authenticity of our brand , identity, and, most importantly, the consumer. Counterfeit products are not only illegal, they are also dangerous, putting the wearer at risk of exposure to non-sanitized down, fabrics colored with toxic substances, and, generally speaking, jackets that don't offer the right protection from cold weather.
What's more, the production of counterfeit goods often supports illegal activities such as child labour, unsafe working conditions and organized crime.


    At first glance, fakes can look very similar to the originals, but an expert eye will soon detect small differences like different fabric (very likely with no water-repellency treatment), different type of fur (fakes often have spotted fur), missing features like the rubber around the buttons. They will also be missing the official barcode that identifies original Parajumpers garments.


    Since Fall/Winter 2017, Parajumpers has used Certilogo technology to allow customers to check the authenticity of our products. This can be done by inserting the 12-digit Certilogo code found on all products into or scanning the QR Code with your mobile phone. Both the CLG code and QR code are found on the authenticity label sewn inside the garment.


    Most of these counterfeit products are sold on the internet, through hundreds of websites that claim to be official retailers or outlets, and that sometimes can look very similar to our official website
    If it's a fake that you're buying on the internet, the item would be shipped directly from China (while we only ship from Italy).

  • How to recognize a fake website:

    1. If the website contains the word "Parajumpers" in the domain (the only official website is
    2. If the price is significantly lower than our retail price on
    3. If the website offers many styles that are not part of the latest collection, and therefore no longer available on