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Alaskan Bush Pilot

Alaskan Bush Pilots have been the brave and iconic adventurers of the skies for over a century. They have tamed America's most outlandish natural landscapes thanks to their outstanding courage and one-of-a-kind gut instinct – and Leighan Falley, a Talkeetna-based pilot, is one of them.
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The Art of Kayak Building

The most beautiful bays on earth can only be explored from the endless immensity of the sea. This yearning for nature, the water and its deepest secrets is precisely the stuff that adventure travellers’ dreams are made of – dreams that the warm-hearted kayak experts at Seawolf Kayak, with their rich history of craftsmanship, can make come true.
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The Sailor

Parajumpers' latest visual travelogue episode dedicated to bravehearts of all kinds follows the footsteps, or rather waves, of Massimo Rossetti himself, the brand's Creative Director, who is also a passionate sailor in his free time.
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Scottish Treasure

The Scottish Highlands are famous all over the world for their beauty and mystery with their stunning scenery and spectacular wilderness. And it is precisely Scotland's rich variety of resources and landascapes that inspire these two passionated designers to create beautiful trunks, where inovative tecnology works alongside careful design.
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Mountain Guide

As the saying goes “faith will move mountains “ and, as far as Nadia Dimai is concerned, this statement can be taken quite literally. As a matter of fact, Nadia is a professional mountain guide, a passionate adventurer and has been a “Guida Alpina” since 1994 where her daily activities include taking nature lovers on a one-of-a-kind mountain experience.
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Twin Mushers

Imagine a snow-covered mountain landscape, where you can enjoy both the thrill of the wilderness and the quiet solitude of nature in all its splendor....this is just the start of a lifetime adventure that anna and Kristy Berington, two twin-sisters from Wisconsin and Iditarod mushers, wish to share with everyone, so that even you can experience the thrill of dog-sledding first-hand.
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About Parajumpers

Parajumpers(パラジャンパーズ)は2006年にイタリアで、Ape S.P.A.社とデザイナーのマッシモ・ロッセッティが協力して立ち上げました。ブランドはレスキュー210部隊の隊員との出会いから、その発想を得ています。PARAJUMPERSの略でもあるPJs達は、地球上の最も厳しい条件下での捜索と救助を任務としています。遭難する船舶や、4000メートル級の山頂で立ち往生した登山者、想像を絶する深海に水没した潜水艦などが、これらのつわもの達が活動する救助の場です。タフで勇敢で、どのような軍隊をもしのぐ訓練を積んだ男たちは、自らの並外れた能力や技術を、人の命を救うという使命に賭しています。彼らのモットー、それは「他者の生存」です。

www.parajumpers.itサイトは、プロファイリングクッキーを一切使用していませんが、サードパーティークッキーのうち『ソーシャル・プラグイン』関連のものを使用しています。当サイトで使用しているクッキーの詳細説明や、クッキーを無効にする方法は、クッキーの使用についての説明書をお読みください。サイト内でこのページ以外のエリアにアクセスして閲覧したり、サイトのコンテンツを利用されると、クッキーの使用を承諾したことになりますので、ご了承ください。 クッキーの詳細につきましてはこちらをご参照ください。