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Horse Farmer

Life is not something to be tamed. It’s something to be conquered, a chance to forge your own path, to be curious and ambitious, to tell stories and to stand up for what you believe in. Becoming the best version of yourself.

Tenacious owner of Laxnes horse rental company, Haukur Pórarinsson is one of Iceland’s most experienced horse farmers.

Following in his Grandfather’s, go-getter footsteps (he bought the farm in the 1940’s), Haukur remains close to his family’s roots and traditions, renting out Icelandic horses to brave travelers looking for an incredible adventure in extreme weather conditions.

When the first settlers sailed from Norway to Iceland in the 10th century, they could only bring two horses per ship, so they selected the best and strongest ones. Originating from Southern China, these horses worked their way through Siberia, Russia and Norway, eventually finding their way to Iceland, evolving through their crossings, in order to survive and adapt to the harsh, Icelandic conditions. It was well and truly a “Survival of the Fittest” and only the strongest and best acclimated horses survived, making this breed one of the best in terms of strength, resistance and speed.

Born and raised in Iceland, Haukur continues to embrace a challenging life, managing the farm, whilst constantly tackling his physically challenging duties in the most severe winters mother nature sends.


Like Haukur, his sister, a veterinarian, and brother also work at the farm, where almost 200 horses must be checked upon, fed and taken care of everyday.


Kalli also gives an important contribution to the farm. The most faithful servant to Haukur, Kalli is a cross between an Icelandic Sheepdog and a Border Collie, the best horse dogs you can get: this crossbreed is commonly called “Scots Icelandic”, and is known for being a hard worker. Speed and endurance are key for keeping up with long hours of rounding, covering 450 hectares of land.

In Iceland they have a saying: “There’s no bad weather, there are only bad clothes”. “You need good clothes; warm, reliable and most important, windproof” says Haukur “When it gets bitterly cold, good gear comes in handy”. Innovative and practical wardrobes are key for pushing limits and working in such climates.


Haukur’s commitment to continue his family’s tradition, his values of adventure, earthy robustness and determination keep the family’s story alive.

Special Edition

Right Hand Special

The combination of polyester with Coyote fur and soft sheepskin details has become one of the Parajumpers’ classics.

The Special Edition Right Hand Special is characterized by its strong personality and sophisticated elegance.

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