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2013-10-17 09:09:00

The down jacket was born as an outerwear solution for sports purposes and it was only later - as happened with the Parka and Husky – that it became commonly used as a city sportswear jacket, eventually becoming a part of everyday dress.
Dynamic, natural, easy to carry, leaving you free to move when driving a car, scooter or motorcycle. Sporty by nature, it is now a genuine cult garment suitable for all ages.

These jackets are filled with feathers and down from geese and ducks. Down has a three dimensional snowflake-like appearance, devoid of the central spine (rachis) that is typical of a feather. The highly prized down feather, consisting of a nucleus and extremely thin naturally elastic fibres, has unbeatable insulation properties.
Down represents the noble part of the plumage and is also much lighter than even the smallest plumule. This difference means that the quality of a filling is defined by the amount of down in respect to the amount of feathers. An exceptional filling is therefore composed of 90% down and no more than 10% feather or plumule.
The quality of the down can be detected with a specific laboratory measurement procedure that quantifies the fill power; this measurement records the down’s ability to occupy space and its capacity to spring back quickly after pressing.
The higher the Fill Power, the higher the performance in terms of lightness, warmth and comfort.

It was in fact the replacement of synthetic filling with a natural one, that determined, for its great insulating ability and extraordinary light weight, the success of this jacket, both as a way to keep out the cold and as a true fashion garment.
It has appeared in many forms; in classic colours such as black or in a range of bright colours, as a jacket or as a three-quarter or ankle length coat. With its characteristic ribbed, diamond and onion quilting, the down jacket is a garment that has been an important part of many seasons and is now a timeless classic.
Parajumpers’ High Fill Power down jackets are part of this tradition, maintaining their sportswear spirit while offering an elegant and fashionable look, enriched by soft fabrics in shades of luxurious and iridescent colours, such as Sage, Tobacco, Bottle and Asphalt Grey.

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