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A new exhibition area for Parajumpers @Premium

A new exhibition area for Parajumpers @Premium
2014-02-04 12:03:00

Berlin, by now the recognised capital for "denim fashion and sportswear", from 14th to 16th January hosted once again Berlin Fashion Week.

At their ninth time at PREMIUM, which is based in the old and striking train depot now known as "Station Berlin", Parajumers was perfectly at home in an independent area, completely dedicated to the brand, which allowed them to exhibit their new Fall/Winter 2014 collection  in a highly characterised context, recreating the Parajumpers mood at its best.
As always, the product was the true protagonist, with the Parajumpers "great classics", but also many new entries for the most demanding customers.
And it was with them, the customers, together with journalists and friends, that Parajumpers celebrated the important goals reached in these years, especially in Germany, which has always been a key country for the brand's growth and development, by dedicating an event to them on the evening of Tuesday 14th January.

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