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How to store your winter PJS - some useful tips

How to store your winter PJS - some useful tips
2013-03-29 13:27:04

The warm season has arrived, and it's time to give your PJS jacket a well-earned rest after a long Winter of faithful service.
If you have any doubts on the best way to “preserve” your jacket, here are some easy tips for you to follow.

Generally speaking, it's a good idea to follow the care instructions found on the care label of each garment.

We recommend gentle washing in lukewarm water where the garments should not be left to soak, as our styles are often decorated with contrasting colour fabrics and trims. Of course, these have all been tested, but some colours (such as red) can never reach the highest grade of fastness, no matter what the dyestuff. All detachable trims and accessories (badges, fur, etc.) should be removed before washing.
Although some brands recommend dry-cleaning, we prefer washing in water, as strong cleaning fluids often damage the fabric's water-repellent coating and the down fill inside, which might become brittle. The same goes for bleaching.

For down-filled garments, we suggest you remove as much water as possible before laying or hanging them out to dry. Tumble-drying is dangerous, as high temperatures can damage the fibres and make the garments shrink.
Remember: before washing, please remove all detachable fur trims, metal snap-hooks and embroidered patches!
Once you have followed these simple rules, your parka is ready to be stored in a cool, dry place, and next winter it will be as good as new!

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