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The Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket
2013-06-10 12:29:43

The bomber jacket, also know as “flight jacket”,  originally was a garment used by pilots during WWI, created specifically to protect them from the cold air blowing into the open cockpits of the airplanes

The original design consisted in a heavy leather jacket with wraparound collars and zipper closures, elasticated cuffs and bottoms, which prevent the wind and the cold from entering. At first it was made of leather with fur or wool padding, materials later substitueted by synthetic and more technical fabrics, such as flight silk nylon.

This model became so popular that from just after the war, the bomber jacket started being sold to civilians as well,  thus becoming the staple and iconic piece of clothing for many movie stars and celebrities, synonimous with manliness, adventure and strenght.

Parajumpers created a series of different models with various designs and materials: in leather or twill fabric for him, in a micro reps iridescent fabric for her, available in all the traditional colours, from black to navy to sand, and in more modern hues, such as a brick tone.

- Shop Women's Bomber jacket
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