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Parajumpers on show at Lazzari

Parajumpers on show at Lazzari
2013-01-08 08:50:27

The Lazzari location in Treviso has always been the place where new ideas are conceived and new trends are displayed, making it the ideal place for exhibiting Parajumpers’ creations.
The exhibition held at the Spazio Lazzari highlights the most creative and refined side of Parajumpers and underlines the company’s passion for beautiful and well made things in accordance with the best Italian tradition.

In this exhibition there is even more. There are photos (in giant canvas format) taken in Detroit, in the artistic Heidelberg Project district which is the set of the Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 campaign.
And then there are Parajumpers creations, the real protagonists of the exhibition: jackets in a variety of colors which stand apart for the painstaking attention to detail, quality of materials and elegance of lines.

If you are close to Treviso we strongly recommend you visit the Spazio Lazzari, to enjoy this exhibition as well as for the special atmosphere you will find there…

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